Read and be Blessed

I write to give God praise for his goodness to my family. We arrived Canada in January 2021 on majorly borrowed funds. The Covid restrictions in place at the time gave us a really slow start and this got us very worried but we continued to trust God. We took up low paying jobs just to pay the bills. Despite this, God catered to all our needs and settled our debts back home in few months. Miraculously too, we were able to save up enough for the down payment for a townhouse despite the turbulence in the housing market. Only 15 months after landing, we moved into our own home. It’s been 6 months now since we moved in and it gets easier. God proved and continues to prove to us that He is our source, not our jobs or wages. We return the glory to Him. 

Biodun Salau,

WCI Calgary Canada 

I want to thank God for His goodness upon my life and my family.  We relocated from Ontario to Calgary in September 2022 in obedience to divine direction, regardless of the discouragement both from humans and situations God came through for us. We engaged the weapon of praise from mid August through September 30th, trusting God to confirm His word. After one week in Calgary, God gave My husband a job.  On Sunday October the 2nd, I keyed into the testimony of career and financial breakthrough and miracle job through praise and thanksgiving shared during the 2nd service. The prayer of thanksgiving to God for destroying the siege of joblessness in the life of every member of WCI Calgary in the month of September was also raised. After the prayer I told God, so, my EDD is October! Behold the following day, Monday October the 3rd, I received my miracle Job. Glory and praise be unto the God that made me more than a conqueror.

Edna .U.

WCI Calgary Canada 

For about 5 years, I lived away from my wife and kids in a different country. In 2018, we decided to change that and finally emigrated to Calgary, Canada in August, 2019. After about 2 weeks in Calgary, I decided the best way for me to move was to secure a transfer with my current company in Dubai where I lived. So, I went back to Dubai and informed my senior colleagues of my decision. They told me it would be hard as my job role was one that was not readily available. They suggested I should just take whatever I could get. I was reluctant to do this and kept believing God. About 3 weeks after I returned to Dubai, I got a call from a friend who told me the exact job role I wanted had opened up in Calgary. Interestingly, this friend of mine did not even work in the branch I had been hoping to join. Jokingly, I asked if the person in that role resigned but to my surprise, I was told the person did not resign but that another position was just created. I applied for the job and after a couple of successful interviews, the company arranged my transfer and I was able to resume in Calgary. All the glory belongs to God because this was clearly His hand at work in the life of my family and I trust that He will perfect whatever remains.

Tolu Akinshete,

WCI Calgary  

As a returning member of this great Commission, I want to thank God for my career and financial success. Firstly, I would like to thank God for granting me the grace to pass various exams on my first attempt. The final phase of the requirement to be able to practice was the IELTS exam, which seemed impossible for me to pass with the required English proficiency scores, but God gave me the required scores to advance to the next phase of my career. God has now made everything perfect in my career and I can testify. By His grace and favour, my husband and I have the necessary licenses to practice both in Canada and the United States. Through the mystery of praise, the God of victory blessed me with a good job offer. Thank you Lord for the miracle and the shower of blessings. Certainly, the God of Bishop David Oyedepo is a rewarder. I give Him the praise.

Mary O.

WCI Calgary Canada 

I want to give Glory to God for cheap victory and divine favor. I casually applied for a job at the end of August. September was however declared as our month of showers of blessings by engaging the sickle of praise and thanksgiving. Pastor said everyday in September will be our EDD and we should expect to see God’s hand everyday of the month. I keyed into this word daily on the altar of praise and thanksgiving and my heaven opened. I was called for an interview two days after I submitted my application and was offered the job. During the interview, I was told my position and my pay, however when my offer letter was sent, it had a higher role and a higher pay! I return all the glory to God, who always confirms His word.

Sharon Y.A,

WCI Calgary Canada 

I have come to thank and return all the Glory to God Almighty for delivering me and my co-worker from a fatal vehicle accident yesterday. As we were both travelling on the highway while on contract assignment, there was a truck over taking a semi, little did we know that this vehicle was coming directly opposite our car at a very high speed. My co-worker immediately shouted for me to look at this vehicle. God immediately diverted our vehicle in less than 2 seconds while on high speed. According to my co-worker she said she shouted from the spirit as it was the Holy Spirit that did the shouting because she did not see the vehicle. I as the driver had thought the truck was overtaking on a double lane, within his lane. Unknown to me, he was on my lane, directly in front of me.  Upon reflection, we were in shock for over an hour while praising and thanking God for this escape. Praise the Lord for His hands of protection upon us. I am very grateful. Thank you Jesus. 

Sylvia and Patsy,

WCI Calgary