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Good News!  In pursuit of the full and timely delivery of Prophetic Weeks of Harvest, there shall be corporate evangelism every Saturday till April 30, 2023, where members can participate by engaging in any of the following:

  • Soul Winners Squad – These are the foot soldiers who shall be going out to the harvest fields for the rescue of lost souls.
  • Intercessory Prayer Squad – These are members who shall be interceding for the foot soldiers while they are on the harvest field.
  • Caller’s Squad – These are Covenant Callers team that engages in telephone calls, and SMS to ensure the ingathering of the souls won from the harvest field, admonishing and encouraging them to be in the next service.

The time will be 10am to 12noon. All members are admonished to be a part of this spiritual exercise. As you do, I see you going forward in all your endeavors.